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Bergamo Raw Denim

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Italian raw denim quality in a deep indigo blue color. The indigo color dulls over time and then acquires a wonderful wear and patina. The fabric can be combined with a button down collar for a classic relaxed impression. Another option is to combine it with a Tudor collar and mother-of-pearl buttons to create a little more "sprezz". The fabric is woven in Italy and has a lovely softness and feel. NOTE: Like all untreated denim fabrics, this fabric bleeds naturally with both use and washing. Therefore, make sure to wash the shirt with similar colors and to avoid contact with bright clothes and furniture that you don't want to risk darkening. The shirt in the picture illustrates how the fabric will look after approx. ten washes.


100% Cotton




Warp: 80/2, Weft: 80/2


180 g/m2