Does the fabric shrink? In that case, do I need to compensate my measurements for this?

Yes, the fabric shrinks but you do NOT need to compensate your measurements for this. Shirtonomy manages shrinkage compensation for you based on our information about each fabric's specific properties. Your desired fit therefore occurs after about five washes.

Can I subsequently make changes to an order I have placed?

If you wish to make any changes to your order, please contact our customer service as quickly as possible by sending an email to customer@shirtonomy.com. After your order has gone into production and the fabric for your shirt has been cut, there are limited options to make changes to your order.

Guaranteed Fit

The vast majority of Shirtonomy's customers experience a perfect fit right from the first shirt. However, there is always a risk that some measurements may need to be corrected. If this is the case, we therefore offer free correction of the shirt so that you are completely satisfied. Please note that your measurements are always compensated for the specific shrinkage of the fabric when the shirt is sewn up. The measurements you specified when ordering are therefore only achieved after the shirt has been washed five times according to the shirt's washing instructions. The Guaranteed Fit applies once per customer and covers the first shirt the customer buys from Shirtonomy. In order for a perfect fit to be achieved, it may be necessary for Shirtonomy to ask for pictures and text describing how the shirt is to be corrected. In cases where the corrections are too large in relation to the shirt's existing measurements, it may be necessary to replace the incorrect shirt by sewing up a brand new one. The Guaranteed Fit applies up to 3 months after the purchase has been made. If you are dissatisfied with the fit of your shirt and want to use Shirtonomy's Guaranteed Fit, you are welcome to contact our customer service via customer@shirtonomy.com and then wait for further instructions. Returning customers are not covered by the Guaranteed Fit, as perfect fit has most likely already been achieved with the customer's first shirt purchase. On the other hand, returning customers, who for some reason are not completely satisfied, are of course welcome to contact our customer service via customer@shirtonomy.com. We promise to always do what we can to help you in the best way.

Is it possible to order different lengths of, for example, sleeves?

Yes, it's going well. Then you need to contact customer service before the order is placed and we will help you with the settings.

What payment options does Shirtonomy offer?

Shirtonomy offers payment via Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro payment cards. Your order is only approved after successful payment.

How do I use discount codes, gift cards and other balances at Shirtonomy? How long are they valid?

You register any discount codes, balances and gift cards that you intend to use when you are on the page showing your shopping cart. Enter your code in the promo code box and click the "Register" button. If the code you entered is valid, this will be shown in the summary to the right of your shopping cart. Credits and gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Where are Shirtonomy's shirts sewn?

Shirtonomy's shirts are produced in our factory in Portual, which has extensive experience in shirt manufacturing. Our shirts are the result of the tailors' solid craftsmanship in symbiosis with the latest production technology. More information can be found here.

Where are Shirtonomy's fabrics produced?

Shirtonomy buys fabrics from several different producers. We always aim to only offer the fabrics we believe have the best combination of feel, durability, wrinkle resistance and value for our customers. Currently, we mainly work with fabrics from Portugal and Italy, which are produced in some of Europe's leading weavers.

How long is the delivery time for Shirtonomy's made-to-measure shirts?

Shirtonomy's made-to-measure products are usually delivered within 4-5 weeks. During certain periods of the year, e.g. during weekends and holiday season, the delivery time may be slightly longer. We can never guarantee that our made-to-measure products will be delivered within the normal delivery time, but always do our utmost to deliver your shirt as quickly as possible.

Can I order a shirt and have it sent to an address outside Sweden?

Yes, we deliver to Europe, Norway, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Does Shirtonomy offer custom shirts for women and children?

The model of the shirt such as fit, collar and cuff sizes as well as the material in these are adapted for men's shirts. Having said that, we have the majority of female customers who think this works well anyway. The main difference is the fit, as we only sew the shirts in the back and not on the front, which can be common on some models that are completely adapted for women. Currently, we can offer children's sizes from 10 years and up.

I have a question that I can't find an answer to. How can I contact Shirtonomy?

You are most welcome to contact our customer service by sending an e-mail to customer@shirtonomy.com. We always strive to get back to you as soon as possible and usually manage to answer all customers' matters within 24 hours.