Shirtonomy's Measurement guide.

Your initial shirt measurements are taken from those of your current favorite shirt. Start by measuring your shirts existing dimensions and then make the adjustments you feel are necessary to achieve your perfect fit. The only tool you will need is a measuring tape or something similar. If it is your first time shopping with Shirtonomy, allow our educational measuring guides to show how everything is done.

Note: The dimensions you enter should reflect those measurements you want for your final fit and should not take into account any eventual shrinkage that may occur during washing. Shirtonomy will make the necessary adjustments for expected shrinkage, based on our information regarding each fabric's specific qualities.

To the right of the measurements page you will see an information screen which includes an explanatory text and illustrations outlining how measurements should be taken. You can write your measurements in the column to the left. When you place the cursor in the box for your next measurements the information area will update with new measuring instructions.

In the column to the right of your specified measurements is a popup with your guide measurements. Guide measurements are based on your previously provided collar size and are designed to give you a general indication for your other measurements. Please note that guide measurements are only meant to be an indicator and discrepancies between your personal measurements and guide measurements are completely normal.

When you have finished filling in all of your measurements you will be asked to enter a profile name. This allows your measurements to be saved with your other customer information, so that on your next visit with Shirtonomy things will be even smoother. You can find your saved measurement profiles by logging on to your personal account (found in the top right hand corner). Naturally you have the possibility to save several measurement profiles, which can be used if you, for example, have different fit requirements for shirts designed for work, compared to shirts for leisure.