Shirtonomy stands for knowledge and love for the shirt.

Shirtonomy was born out of a frustration that the shirt market lacked a really good alternative for those of us who are not cast in standard sizes and also demand an affordable, high-quality alternative. Our journey started in 2012 when we set out on the roads of Europe to find the right producers. Some thought that we made too high demands and compared a collaboration with us to a desert hike. Others believe that we charge too little from our customers and therefore prefer to cooperate with us anonymously.

Shirtonomy stands for knowledge and love for the shirt. The garment we wear every day and the individual details of which together create a heightened impression and feeling. Over time, we have learned most of what is worth knowing and the components of the shirt, but persistently continue to develop and improve our offering so that we can ensure that Shirtonomy always offers premium quality shirts created according to our customers' personal preferences in terms of design and fit.

Making a really good shirt is as much art as science. Our shirts are sewn in Portugal, in one of Europe's leading shirt factories in terms of both craftsmanship and technical equipment. Our fabrics are primarily produced in Italy and England, in some of the world's oldest and most reputable weaving mills. Shirtonomy's shirts are thus the result of the meeting between a genuine craft tradition and modern technical innovation.

Tobias Skogquist, Creative Director