Shirtonomy stands for knowledge and passion for the shirt.

Shirtonomy was born from frustration over the lack of a quality alternative in the shirt market for those who did not conform to standard sizing while searching for high quality at an affordable price. Our journey began in 2012 when we travelled across Europe meeting numerous manufacturers. Many believed our quality demands to be too high and compared working with us to a walk in the desert. Other believe that we do not charge our customers enough and have therefore chosen to work with us anonymously.

Shirtonomy stands for a knowledge and love of shirts. Those garments we wear every day whose unique, individual elements, combined together, create an elevated impression and feel. Over time we have learnt virtually everything worth knowing about shirts and their components, but we will always strive to develop and improve our product in order to ensure that Shirtonomy always offers premium quality shirts created to our customers personal desires regarding design and fit.

To produce a really good shirt is as much art as science. Our shirts are sewn in Portugal, in one of Europe's foremost shirts factories, both in terms of craftsmanship and technological sophistication. Our fabrics are produced primarily in Italy and England, by some of the world's oldest and well-renowned weavers. Shirtonomy's shirts are the result of a meeting between a genuine tradition of craftsmanship and modern technological innovation.

Tobias Skogquist, Creative Director