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What is the difference between made-to-measure and customised shirts?

A bespoke shirt is the classic name for the highest level of craftsmanship, where every separate component is customised for the wishes of the customer, and where many of the shirt's detailing, such as the button holes, and monogram, are sewn by hand. It must also have been tried on by the customer and adjusted at least once before it can be considered a bespoke shirt according to the rules. With the many hours spent crafting these shirts, the cost is normally upwards of 3000-4000 SEK each.

The traditions of bespoke has been diminished in recent times and the numbers of people offering bespoke shirts in Sweden has dwindled.

Shirtonomy offers shirts based on your own wishes for fit and design using our measurement system and selection of design options. Because we want to ensure the correct terminology we therefore call our shirts made-to-measure. Shirtonomy shirts are sewn in Portugal with imported fabrics from Europe's foremost weavers.

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