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Made in Portugal

In the rolling hills to the north of Porto, one can find the heart of Portugal's textile industry. Its history stretches back to the middle of the 16th century making it one of Europe's oldest. The preservation of its traditional techniques and its openness to new innovation has led the area being regarded as one of the world's foremost in textile manufacturing. It is here that Shirtonomy's shirts originate.

We are proud that Shirtonomy follows in the footsteps of this tradition of genuine craftsmanship. Having our shirts manufactured here has granted us access to the well of knowledge that has built up during the area's long history of shirt making. Moreover, we have had the opportunity to monitor production to ensure that quality controls and labor standards were maintained at the high levels we demand.

Shirtonomy's fabrics are generally not produced locally but imported from some of the world's foremost weaving mills. After undertaking thorough research, we have chosen those fabric suppliers we believe offer the best combination of feel, durability, wrinkle resistance and value for money to our customers. Currently, we work mainly with fabrics from Great Britain and Italy, which are produced in some of the world's foremost textile mills.

The next time you put on a shirt from Shirtonomy you can rest assured that it has been put together according to the genuine tradition of craftsmanship, that the fabrics come from the world's best textile mills and that it has been designed to your own personal wishes.