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Guaranteed perfect fit

Most of Shirtonomy's customers experience the perfect fit from their very first shirt. However, there is always a risk that certain measurements will need to be amended. If this is the case for you we offer free corrections to the shirt so that you will be completely satisfied.

Please note that your measurements are always automatically adjusted to take into account the fabrics specific shrinkage when it is sewn up. The measurements you provided in your order will be achieved after the shirt has been washed approximately five times based on the shirt's specific washing instructions.

Our perfect fit guarantee is strictly limited to one per customer and is only valid for the first shirt you purchase from Shirtonomy. For the perfect fit to be achieved it may be necessary for Shirtonomy to request pictures or information describing how the shirt should be corrected. In cases where the correction is too great to be undertaken with the current shirt's dimensions it may be necessary to replace the problem shirt with a newly sewn one.

Shirtonomy compensates the customer for any eventual delivery costs in cases where a shirt needs to be returned to us. The perfect fit guarantee does not apply for marginal adjustments inside of Shirtonomy's margin of tolerance. For more information about the margin of tolerance please refer to Shirtonomy'sConditions of purchase.

Are you dissatisfied with your shirt's fit and would like to take advantage of Shirtonomy's Perfect Fit guarantee? Please feel free to contacts our customer care agent via customer@shirtonomy.com and await further instructions.

Return customers are not covered by the Perfect Fit guarantee as in all likelihood their perfect fit was achieved with their first shirt purchase. However, if for some reason our return customers are not completely satisfied with their purchases we would love to hear from them via customer care centre at customer@shirtonomy.com. We promise that we will always do our very best to help out.