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Common questions - FAQ

  1. Order shirt

    1. Where do I find more information on Shirtonomy's different fabrics?

      To the right of every fabric's individual information page you can find information on the fabric's construction and qualities, as well as how it is best matched. If you would like explanations on the different qualities or more in-depth information on Shirtonomy's fabrics you can find it in our fabrics guide by clicking here.

    2. Where do I find more information on the different design alternatives?

      Clicking on the small question marks by every design choice will open up a 'pop-up window' where you can see pictures and information on Shirtonomy's different design alternatives. Please note that your web browser must allow pop-ups if the window is the appear. The same information can also be found by clicking here.

    3. How do I achieve the right measurements to achieve the perfect form?

      The only thing you need to do is to get the measuring tape and your favourite shirt and follow Shirtonomy's advice and measurement guide that can be found by clicking here.

    4. Does the fabric shrink? Do I need to compensate for this in my measurements?

      Yes, fabrics shrink, but you do NOT need to compensate for this. Shirtonomy automatically includes the expected shrinkage for you, based on our information about every fabric's specific properties. Your requested fit will be achieved after about five washes.

    5. Can I change my order after I have sent it away?

      If you would like to make changes to your order we ask you to contact our customer service centre as soon as possible via an email to customer@shirtonomy.com. After your order has moved on to the production stage and the fabric for your shirt has been cropped, there are only limited opportunities for further changes to be made.

    6. Can I order different lengths on, for example, the sleeves?

      Yes that is fine. You just need to contact our customer care before the order is made and we will help you with the settings.

  2. Payment

    1. What payment options does Shirtonomy offer?

      Shirtonomy offers payment options via Visa payment card, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro. You order is confirmed after the payment has been processed successfully.

    2. How can I be sure that my payment has gone through in a safe manner?

      All card payments with Shirtonomy are managed through Epay, which is one of Scandinavia's leading facilitator of card payment solutions. As a further security feature, Shirtonomy never handles or saves your card information. You can find more information on Epay here.

    3. How do I use my discount codes, gift cards and other credits with Shirtonomy? How long are they valid?

      You can register any discount codes, credits and gift cards that you intend to use when you are on the page that shows your customer trolley. With discount codes, enter them in the box and click on the button "Register". If the code you entered is valid, the discount will be displayed on the table to the right of the trolley.

  3. Manufacturing

    1. Where are Shirtonomy's shirts produced?

      Shirtonomy's shirts are produced in our factory in Portugal which has a long history of shirt production. Our shirts are the results of the tailor's craftmanship combined with the latest in production technology. You can find more information at here.

    2. Where are Shirtonomy's fabrics produced?

      Shirtonomy purchases fabrics from a number of different producers. Our goal is to only offer those fabrics that we believe provide the greatest combination of feeling, durability, wrinkle resistance and value for money for our customers. We are currently utilising fabrics that primarily come from England and Italy, which are produced in some of Europe's leading textile mills.

  4. Delivery

    1. What is the delivery time on one of Shirtonomy's made-to-measure shirts?

      Shirtonomy's tailor-made products are normally delivered within 20 working days. During certain times of the year, such as public holidays and the summer holiday season, delivery times can be somewhat longer. We can never guarantee that our made-to-measure products will be delivered within the normal delivery period but always do our best to ensure that our shirts are delivered as quickly as possible.

    2. How do I follow my order's delivery status?

      As soon as your purchase has been confirmed you can follow the order status by logging in to your customer account.

  5. Shipping

    1. What is the cost of delivery on a shirt?

      The cost of delivery is a maximum of 99 SEK (incl. VAT) per order. Shirtonomy offers free delivery for all orders where the total value exceeds 2500 SEK.

    2. Do I need to pay for the return delivery cost if there is something wrong with the shirt?

      No, of course not. If we ask you to return a shirt which is an approved claim, we will compensate you through a credit to your payment card. If the return fits under out Perfect Fit guarantee we will compensate you for the cost of delivery by giving you a credit that can be used on your next purchase with Shirtonomy.

    3. Can I order a shirt and get it sent to an address that is outside of Sweden?

      Yes, we deliver to EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland.

  6. Right of withdrawl, claims and returns

    1. I regret my purchase and wish to return it. How do I do this?

      "In accordance with the Swedish Law on Distance and Home Sales (2005:59) the section concerning right of return does not cover cases where goods have been clearly personalized. With the customers acceptance of Shirtonomy's conditions of sale there is no right of return for orders of made-to-measure products or other products which have been personalized. All of Shirtonomy's shirts are made-to-measure, even in those cases where the order has been made based on the recommendations from Shirtonomy in regards to design or size.

      With orders of items that are not considered to have been personalized, right of return applies according to the law listed above, within 14 days of the customers reciept of the goods. Read more about our conditions of purchase" here.

    2. In what cases is my warranty valid. How do I use it?

      In cases where your made-to-measure shirt has some form of substantial deviation from your order, preferred design or fit, we offer a correction of the garment. In cases where a correction is not possible we will offer you a new equivalent garment or credits to the value of the original purchase. Read more about our terms of purchase  here.

  7. Customer Service

    1. I have a question that I cannot find an answer to. How do I contact Shirtonomy?

      You are most welcome to contact our customer care team by sending an e-mail to customer@shirtonomy.com. We strive to reply as quickly as possible and will generally get back to you within 24 hours.

  8. Other

    1. I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

      We will send a new password to the e-mail address you have previously provided.  Click here.

    2. Does Shirtonomy offer shirts suitable for women or children?

      The model of shirts in regards to fit, collar and cuffs, plus the materials used are most suitable for men's shirts. Having said that however, we have had several female customers who are satisfied with the results anyway. The primary issue is fit as we only offer shirts that are only stitched at the back, whereas often women's shirts are also stitched on the front to achieve a better fit.

      No, currently Shirtonomy is only able to deliver inside Swedish borders.

    3. Can I purchase a gift card from Shirtonomy?

      Make someone happy - give them a gift card from Shirtonomy! You can choose any amount between 400 - 10 000 SEK. The card is sent via standard mail the following business day. The gift card is delivered in a special envelope together with a measuring tape so that the recipient can get started on the their shirt order straight away. The gift card is valid 12 months from date of purchase. See following link /presentkort/.

    4. How do I register for/unregister from Shirtonomy's member letter?

      The easiest way to register for our newsletter is to fill in your e-mail address in the footer at the bottom of the page. You can also manage your subscription by logging onto your account. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so either on your account page or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.