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Wrinkle free or non-iron?

Shirtonomy does not offer any fabric that claims to be 'iron free'. Why? Our experience tells us that fabrics that are marked as 'iron free' are usually unable to deliver on their promise or have gone through a significant chemical treatment. Excessive chemical processing poses risks to both the environment and your health, while reducing the overall durability of the fabric. There is also a genuine risk that the effects of the chemical treatment can reduce after as little as ten washes.

At Shirtonomy we are constantly working on refining our range of fabrics while striving after the fabrics that offer the best combinations of feeling, durability and value for our customers. An important step in this process is identifying fabrics that have a strong resistance to wrinkles, while preserving the fabric's feeling and natural origins.

If you value fabrics which are less prone to wrinkles we recommend you to read the characteristics of each fabric on the specific page for that fabric. Especially look at the fabrics woven in double twisted yarn as well as the twill & satin lines.

Do you have any questions regarding the choice of fabric, the choice of design or how you should do your measurements? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can clear up any uncertainties before you finalise your order. We will reply as quickly as possible and our belief is that almost any issue can be resolved!