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Collar stays

Please choose if you would like the collar stiffeners, which provide extra stbility to the collar, to be removeable or not. The advantage with sewn in collar stiffeners is that you never need to remove them for washing, taking away any risk of losing or forgetting them. The advantage of removeable collar stiffeners is that you have more options as to how you wear the shirt. For instance, removing them would give the shirt a softer, more informal collar. You can also choose to have the shirt sewn without space for collar stiffeners, something that is obigatory for collar models Button down and Club.

Do you have any questions regarding the choice of fabric, the choice of design or how you should do your measurements? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can clear up any uncertainties before you finalise your order. We will reply as quickly as possible and our belief is that almost any issue can be resolved!