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The smooth placket is a good alternative for those striving after an elegant and formal look. The smooth placket is created by double folding the fabric on the shirt's inside. In our opinion the smooth placket works best when combined with a striped or single colored shirts.


The classic placket is double edged and works well with most fabrics. It is not considered to be as formal as the smooth placket as it creates a more rugged look. The classic placket is therefore a good alternative if you choose a fabric with more informal characteristics.


The Popover shirt has gotten much of its inspiration from the classic Piké. The placket stretches over half the cheste whilst the lower part are in one part. The result is a nice balance between casual and sophisticated.

The placket of the popover shirt consists of a total of four buttons (three studs and a COLLAR STUD) with a final enhanced Crosshem. You can combine your popover shirt with most of outfits as long as it gives a relaxed look, if you ask us.

We prefer to combine the Popover with a fabric of a more rustic character (oxford or linen), simple cuff and always select removable collar stays (which you remove and throw in the bin).

NOTE: Important information regarding your measures when buying a Popover shirt.

Since the Popover can not be unbuttoned all the way down like a standard shirt, your measure profile may have to be adjusted accordingly. The Popover is put on over the head (like a tennis shirt) and whilst the tennis shirt fabric is elastic our fabrics aren´t. Hence a Popover which is made very slim fit will not possible to put on.

We advise you strongly to create a specific profile for your popover shirt where you add about 1½ cm to your normal size for chest, waist and hip . If your regular profile dimensions are very figure hugging or if you have a marked wasp waist, you should add an additional few centimeters of the above mentioned dimensions to be able to wear your popover. Remember that the popover shirt of nature gives an relaxed impression, which means that there is not the same need to seek a quite as tight fit as your business shirt.

A tip for checking if your measures will work would be to button your present shirt up to the chest and then try to put it on over the head. If you manage to do that without too much of an ordeal your measures should be fine.

Do you have any questions regarding the choice of fabric, the choice of design or how you should do your measurements? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can clear up any uncertainties before you finalise your order. We will reply as quickly as possible and our belief is that almost any issue can be resolved!