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The Tuxedo's background

The Americans and the British argue about who was the first to come up with the tuxedo. The United States claim it was tobacco heir Griswold "Grizzy" Lorrilard who stepped into the Tuxedo Club in New York in 1886 wearing a "tailless dress coat". The British instead insist that the origin of the tuxedo was a pimped up version of the smoking jacket that Prince of Wales had donned as early as 1865. Sweden has leaned toward favoring the British claim by simply calling the jacket a 'Smoking'.

When to wear a tuxedo?

The Tuxedo is a distinctive party garment. Does it say tuxedo, evening attire, black tie, tux or dinner jacket on the invitation? Yes! Then nothing but a tuxedo will suffice. Common tuxedo events are New Years and other festivities where suits are a little too casual and a tailcoat too formal. This has made the tuxedo many people's favourite garment and has no doubt contributed to it becoming a regular feature at weddings, even in Sweden.

Tuxedo attributes and accessories