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Enter measures

Just like people, everyone's body is unique. One of the most obvious benefits of made-to-measure shirts are that they are put together to perfectly fit your body, in the way you want it to. Made-to-measure creates a perfect fit that will rarely, if ever, be matched by an off-the-shelf, regular size variety. One necessity when ordering made-to-measure is the provision of your personal measurements, which can be a source of some anxiety among the inexperienced. Relax! Shirtonomy's measurement guides and Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that you will find the perfect fit from the very first shirt. (Read more about our perfect fit guarantee here)

Traditionally measurements for made-to-measure shirts are based on body measurements or shirt measurements. Shirtonomy chooses shirt measurements for the simple reason that the results, in principle, will always be better. Shirt measurements are simpler and better capture the actual perfect fit you would like.

Shirtonomy's Measurement guide.

You shirt measurements begin with your current favorite shirt. Begin by measuring the shirts dimensions and simply make the adjustments you want to achieve the perfect fit. The only tool you need is a measuring tape or something similar. If this is your first time shopping with Shirtonomy let our educational measurement guides show you how to go about it.

Note: The dimensions you enter should reflect those measurements you want for your final fit and should not take into account any eventual shrinkage that may occur during washing. Shirtonomy will make the necessary adjustments for expected shrinkage, based on our information regarding each fabrics specific qualities.

To the right of the measurement page you will see an information screen displaying an explanation and illustrations of how the measurements should be made. Your measurements should be written in the column to the left. When the cursor is placed in the box for the next measurement the information screen is updated with the new measurement instructions.

In the column to the right of your specified measurements is a popup with your guide measurements. Guide measurements are based on your previously provided collar size and are designed to give you a general indication for your other measurements. Please note that guide measurements are only meant to be an indicator and discrepencys between your personal measurenements and guide measurements are completely normal.

When you have filled in all of the sections you will be asked to enter a profile name for you measurements. This allows your measurement information to be stored alongside your other customer information so that your next visit will go even smoother. Your saved measurement profile can be accessed by logging on to your personal account (top, right hand side of the page). You also have the possibility to save several different measurement profiles which can be useful if you have different fit preferences for your work and leisure shirts for example.

Get started and create your own measurement profile by click here.

Do you have any questions about your choice of fabric, design, or how to correctly enter your measurements? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will clear up any uncertainty before you submit your order. We will answer you as quickly as possible and believe that almost any issue can be resolved!